COVID-19 Response

The world has forever changed and companies have had to shift and reinvent themselves and find a “new normal” to live in. While the call for manufacturing Medical Devices and PPE components went out loud to all, The Partner Companies (TPC) was ready to expand production, manufacture essential parts, and fill supply chains that have been broken.

Our companies have remained open during coronavirus Shelter in Place and Quarantine. We continue to manufacture essential medical and defense parts in support of our critical customers and heroes working on the front lines. The companies have each developed more stringent cleaning guidelines, adopted social distancing behaviors, and all non-essential workers were moved to WFH. We are here to help fill supply chain gaps and manufacture essential medical component needs.


Filling Supply Chains & Gaps

Some manufacturers have not been as fortunate, and have had to limit production or closed their doors. TPC is helping customers new to medical manufacturing, along with those who are tenured, get the essential components they need quickly and in high-quality. Examples of our engineering and manufacturing activity in support of beating COVID-19 include the production of sapphire and metal parts used in diagnostic machines, formed and photo-etched stainless steel parts for ventilator and anesthesia machines, and germanium lens for IR diagnostic devices (importantly, the germanium crystals are grown domestically at Lattice Material’s plant in Bozeman, MT).


Why We Continue Working

The Partner Companies is here to fill supply chains that may have been broken due to the pandemic. We are collection of specialty manufacturing companies that deliver exceptional raw material products and provide related services for OEMs worldwide. Together our companies are able to manufacture nearly all essential parts needed for medical device assemblies, including ventilators, COVID-19 detection devices, and more.

Due to these capabilities, each company is considered an Essential Function and Critical Manufacturer, per the Homeland Security guidelines (CISA memorandum). If your company needs essential parts, or if your supply chain has been disrupted, we are here for you. We offer engineered metals, plastics, ceramics; precision metal parts; and polished silicon and geranium. We are in this together.