Our Companies

The Partner Companies (TPC) is a group of U.S. specialty manufacturers which specialize in critical parts and/or assemblies made of metals (common engineering alloys and exotics), ceramics, metalized sapphire, engineered plastics, silicon, germanium, precious metals, and more for industries including medical, defense, aerospace, and electronics for OEMs worldwide.

Eight of the companies are under common, long-term ownership.  All operate autonomously while also working cooperatively when shared expertise is required.  On average, each company has been in business for more than 46 years.

The Partner Companies consist of:

Arc Precision Logo

5-axis, complex 3-D parts machined for medical devices, instruments, and implants. Certified ISO 13485. LEARN MORE

E-Fab Logo

35+ year old precision manufacturer offering parts and assemblies that require photochemical machining and microchemical milling. LEARN MORE

Elcon Logo

Produces photochemically etched metal parts, metallizes ceramics, and manufactures brazed assemblies. LEARN MORE

Fotofab Logo

Manufactures quick-turn, high-tolerance precision metal parts utilizing photochemical etching and forming with low-cost tooling. LEARN MORE

Lattice Materials Logo

Manufactures precision silicon and germanium infrared optics and machined parts from crystal growth through final shaping and polishing. LEARN MORE

MSI Logo

Offers NADCAP-certified plating with general plating, reel to reel, and composite plating capabilities. LEARN MORE

Microphoto Logo

Specializes in photoetching together with stamping, laser cutting, forming, and wire EDM. LEARN MORE

Optiforms Logo

Specializes in electroformed metal components, electro-deposited platings, vacuum deposited optical coatings, precision CNC machining, and infrared imaging components. LEARN MORE


TPC is here to help you navigate the manufacturing supply chain. Feel free to reach out to any of our individual companies, or to us directly for a more coordinated response.