The Partner Companies is dedicated to filling supply chain gaps and providing superior solutions for engineers and OEMs with the highest level of quality in everything we do.

All Orders and Inquiries Accepted!

The Partner Companies (TPC) is a portfolio of U.S.-based specialty manufacturers with cultivated capabilities and talent for the shared benefit of our customers, employees, investors, and communities alike.

Company Capabilities

Capabilities include fabrication of thin metal parts, metalized and brazed ceramics, optical lens and coatings, domestically grown silicon and germanium, and much more.

We offer a unique experience to customers looking for complete parts, components, or assemblies. The individual companies bring their long-standing reputations and vast manufacturing knowledge, while TPC works to align projects and share resources at a higher level for additional customer ease. We welcome difficult projects and delight in finding a manufacturing solution that utilizes each individual company’s strengths.

Our companies currently serve as qualified suppliers to major defense and medical OEMs worldwide with appropriate quality, NIST, and ITAR practices. Additional certifications are available for the medical and aerospace industries.

The TPC companies stand ready to support all in need of parts.